2013 Winners

SymmyS Awards Nominees For 2013

Short Palindromes

Election Dilemma
By Jon Agee

No one to vote "no" on!

Conversation between two brothers
By Twoply

Tim: Dad is senile no longer.
Greg: No loneliness, I'd admit.

Espresso Rescue
By Lori Wike

"Had a tonic? Cuppa cappuccino, ta-dah!"

Long Palindromes

European Economics
By Steven Fraser

EU never went so crap. Bust it up, I say. Apt? No, we were holistic. I fed Euro greed, I cede vast capital. A tip: act, save, decide. Ergo, rue “deficit silo” here. We won’t pay! As I put it: subpar cost, new revenue.

Beet lover goes apoplectic
By Carl Lexicon

Tim overemoted: "Osteopaths rob foe of 'Borsht: a Poet's Ode to Mere Vomit'!"

Sailor Sam Meets Ahab
By Martin Clear

Drab Sam: Ah, a buoy! Bahamas! Now I say "trap 'n' rob, Sam!"
Ahab: Delivery trades a banana. I'm Ahab. Am I not a sleepy-ass dog?
Sam: A ham?
Ahab: No, 'M' as 'B' ... 'A-H-A-B', Sam. On Bahama, ham, as gods say, peels a ton.
I'm a Bahamian: an abased, arty, reviled Bahamas-born party, as I won.
Sam: Ahab, you Bahamas bard!

Word Unit Palindromes

Cold Feet at the Altar
By Twoply

Say "I do"? What do I do??! What do I say??!!

The Difference Between My Boss and My Therapist
by Aili Jokela

Doors open to forward maneuvering, past my in box.
“Remember to work,” she says, “Now focus!”

“Focus now,” says she, “Work to remember.”
Box in my past, maneuvering forward to open doors.

For the Washington legislator who claimed bicyclists produce more CO2 than cars
By Lori Wike

"Notice to Public: Exercise taxing respiration? Consuming energy bars?
Legislator bars energy-consuming, respiration-taxing exercise. Public to notice."

Palindromic Poetry

1. (Also Grand Prize Winner)
Palindromic Parody of "Twas the Night Before Christmas . ."
By Ray Stein

Was in eve, Noel good.
A la-la fast firewood.

No tie mittens are knit.
E-nog site, no sale snit.

Rats still, it’s no dog stir.
A fate’s not old elf fur.

Of food ate, bib, Ma bow,
Flood urge, late mocha no!

Nix ivy as red node. Son
Nestled, no rec, nada won.

Tenth gin dims even a nap.
Test ego’s sleep on tie cap.

Yaw, ah’s ad wonders done son.
Adapt fig snack - cinnamon.

Bat at nasal air to traps.
Bang on top . . snow deer gaps!

Put I awake, estate’s pal.
Put one tamed, a mate’s gal.

On fire vent, in or afoot,
Oh . . Oh . . Oh no, mired in soot.

Bag one by a log rack sat,
Ball lode, tons a loot, a bat.

Red, robust a big gut was.
Red robe pip, ‘Robo’ Claus!

Unusual cob or pipe border,
Saw Tug, GI, bat, sub order.

Tab a tool, as note doll lab.
Task cargo lay, be no gab.

Too snide, rim on, ho-ho-ho.
Too far on it, never if no.

Lag set, a made mate not up.
Lap set at seek a ‘wait up’.

Spa greed won, spot nog nab.
Spar to trial a Santa tab.

No man Nick cans gift pad ‘A’.
Nose nods red, now dash away!

Pace it, no peels, so get set.
Pan an eve’s midnight net.

Now a Dancer! On Deltsen!
Nose Donder! Say Vixin!

On ah Comet! A leg Rud-o-o-lf!
Wo Bambi! Bet ado! Off!

O’ruffled lot onset afar.
It’s God on, still its star.

Tinsel as one tis gone.
Tinker as net, time it on.

Do owe rifts a fa-la-la.
Do ogle on, even I saw.

The Damsel Auditions for Opera
By Steven Fraser

- Damsel, do one bare pose.
Mad damsel, do opera− stars a damsel!

- Do one?

- Oh smug damsel, do oodles!

- Mad madam's gigolos are poodles!
Mad as a...

- Damsel, do opera solo.

- Gigs, Madam?

- Damsel, do oodles, mad gumshoe noodles.
Mad as rats are poodles!

- Mad dame's opera be noodles! Mad!

Japanese Suicide Note
By Carl Lexicon

With gin fits all warps,
Dirt upon a brutal foe, macabre pus...
Osaka--so superb a cameo:
Flat, urban,
O putrid sprawl!
Last if...
I wait....


Rude Palindromes

World’s Worst Porno
By Martin Clear

Rats! Egad, no bared nude porno parts: a sex elf flexes a strap-on roped under a bondage star.

Urine Analysis
By Twoply

"Ramona, can I pee?"
"Keep in a can, Omar"

History Buff
By Carl Lexicon

Ed, I ride Roman enemy ass. As drab royals slay or bards assay men, enamored, I ride.

Honorable Mention

By Martin Clear

"Turn womanish to me!", he began, amid a free beer fad, "I manage behemoths in a mown rut."

Perfidious Composer
By Lori Wike

"Did Rossini stray? Art sin is sordid."

My tragic love life....
By Carl Lexicon

O Otto, he lit a lover I fan (in a fire, volatile, hot too)!