Press Kit :: Tao of Chip Kelly

If you are a member of the press or wish to review The Tao of Chip Kelly, by Mark Saltveit, use this page to find background information and to download images of the book cover and of Mark Saltveit.


Tao of Chip Kelly, Book Cover

  • Tao of Chip Kelly, cover, large, 583x888px (jpg)
  • Tao of Chip Kelly, cover, medium, 300x457px (jpg)
  • Tao of Chip Kelly, cover, small, 154x209px (jpg)

Mark Saltveit

  • Mark Saltveit, (tight) extra large, 2297x1865px (jpg)
  • Mark Saltveit, large, 1216x1189px (jpg)
  • Mark Saltveit, medium, 600x587px (jpg)
  • Mark Saltveit, (tight) medium, 600x487px (jpg)

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Previous Press Coverage and Reviews

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