3rd Annual SymmyS Award Winners (for 2014)

Here is the complete list of winners, and honorable mention.

Grand Prize Winner

Spider poem (2 palindromes) by Peter (Twoply) Sabra

Tipsy dipsy spidy spit.
Till lips I lap, a lisp ill-lit.

Short Palindromes Category

1. Inflammable? by Martin Clear

Set in gin, a potato pan ignites.

2. It was self defense! by Peter Sabra

Did Mike kill Ian's snail like Kim did?

3. (tie) A River Runs Through It (the giant spider), by Jon Agee

Beware, kayaker. A web!

3. (tie) Sunday School Puzzle, by Peter Sabra

Dog I made. Man I named. Am I God?

Long Palindrome Category

1. Cozy Meal, By Martin Clear

'Til a virtuoso cat snores in a warm lap and a lasagna fed it, I defang a salad: napalm, raw anise, Ron's tacos outrival it.

2. From the Diaries of Salvador Dalí, by Lori Wike

No sleepy ado today! Raw, nude, I lit insane pyre, vegans! Did diary sonnet (torrid!) annoy Arcadian Madonna or genie? Doctors: no! Meds trap Miró--drat! Bedlam's idyl? Drat! Sad mood: (cite opera's loops). Secret subduer foe: divide, rip mustache! Dorm in diary: a mini dorm intifada? Nada! Dada dots? Don't sit, radar gal! Cut eye: cinema dare, poet! On door: "Beware Macaroni!" (Much ado, gym rats). No reels used, I video, hot! Wore dud tie. Café tale rates no spool nor tape. Facade wows elite Mandela virtuosi, no? Dare we swarm lift? Oh! Sign? A sign assumes dogma or--no! Sibyl-drawn, I see, pursue. Won ace kudos, so I begat rap operas. Go jog, rest, ice: rare pox is no sin. O Dalí! Artist acne? Most are liver spots in name. Let Taco Tom emit tutti motet coda? (His parrot can!) A fine pose, yes? Oh, cannoli venom must now star. My gosh, sure we film rot--so to storm life! We rush so gym rats won't summon evil on nachos! Eyes open if an actor raps. I had octet omit tutti. Memo to cat: Telemann is tops, revile rat's omen, cats! I trail Adonis on six opera recits. Ergo, jogs are Pop Art. Age bios so Duke can owe us rupees. Inwardly, bison roam, God's emus sang, I sang! I shot film raw! Sewer Adonis out-rivaled name. Tiles wowed a café patron. Loops on set are late! Face it, dude, row to hoe divides us. Leer on star? My god! Ah, cumin or a camera? We brood. Note: opera dame? Nice, yet UCLA grad. Artist nods to Dada: dada nada! Fit Nimrod in? I may raid Nimrod! (Eh, cats umpired). I video Freud, buster! Cesspools are poetic doom: dastardly, dismal debt! Ardor imparts demons? Rot! Codeine groan: no damn aid. A crayon nadir: rotten, nosy raid did snag every pen! A snit! I lied, unwary. Ado, today, peels on!

3. Santa seeks the Lord of the Rings by Lori Wike

Cross a pyre? Cross sad abyss? Ask, sir! Beg Rudolph! Plod? Urge brisk, sassy, badass sorcery: pass Orc!

Poetry Category

1. Spider poem (2 palindromes) by Peter Sabra

Tipsy dipsy spidy spit.

Till lips I lap, a lisp ill-lit.

2. The Bedtime Prayer of the Narcissist by Martin Clear

Do not emit a wonder: it maims. A gross elicits it, rare voodoo god. Do good, O over-artistic I: less orgasm. I am tired now - a time to nod.

3. Palimerick #4 by Lori Wike

Maria, I kayak on Spam.
Pacer, am I on Pan-Am?
Gin enigma nap?
No, I'm a recap!
Maps? No, Kay, a Kia I ram!

Nasty Palindromes Category

1. Ready to Go, by John Connett

Tino: "’Tis not limp, Milton. Sit on it."

2. Good News, by John Connett

O, give it a pull -
It's stiff!
It's stiff!
It's still up!
A tie, Vigo.

3. Practical Threesome, by Don Cagey

Mr. Alan ate Stan's ass as Nat set an alarm.

Word Unit Palindrome Category

1. Despair, by Martin Clear

Gentlemen, despair not: is there no justice? ...

No, there is not. Despair, gentlemen!

2. Hercules's Girlfriend vs. Hercules's Wife, by Lori Wike

"Hell to go through? You are Hercules, you will persevere, oh hero, mighty and brave!"

"A brave and mighty hero, oh? Persevere, will you, Hercules? Are you through? Go to hell!"

3. Danger, by Martin Clear

"There is danger in places unknown," the victim reported, "One is there, then 'so long' ... so then there is one reported victim the unknown places in danger, is there?"

Honorable Mention

HM. Cat Detective at the Crime Scene, by Jon Agee (short)

Woe. Medic! I'm O'Hara, homicide. Meow.

HM. Harem Queen, by Anne Tenna (short)

Hot Sultan, I win! I win at lust. Oh!

HM. Igor Stravinsky walks into a Colorado bar after a rough night, by Lori Wike (long)

"A hobo!" "Help, Madame." "Tiramisu, pot, Corona or grog, Igor?" "Groan!" "Or octopus?" "I'm a Rite-mad, ample hobo, ha!"

HM. An End to Flight by Steven Fraser (poetry)

Sexy lacy moths arc, crash to my calyxes.

HM. Bovine Ode, by John Connett (poetry)

"Live on, O Doom," I moo. "Do no evil!"

HM. Paternity Suit Victory, by Don Cagey (nasty)

Mr. Epson! Eva! Hi! I have no sperm!

HM. Erectile Dysfunction, by Martin Clear (nasty)

Drowsy men, I'm axed: examine my sword!

HM. Clearly Not the Promised Land, by John Connett (nasty)

Stare, Moses, in a fog - a bare dick, limp - it is ass I kiss as I tip milk, cider, a bag of anise, some rats.