NEW - The 5th Annual SymmyS Award Winners

A cartoon collaboration won the Grand Prize in the 5th annual SymmyS Awards for outstanding palindrome achievement. Lori Wike's palindrome would have been a strong contender in the short category even without Jon Agee's deft cartoon:
"Ned, I am no rigid Imam. I dig Iron Maiden."

Peter "Twoply" Sabra had 7 nominations, taking both first and second place in the Short category. His winner described a tragic "Safari":
Amy met a tiger -- 'Greg, it ate my Ma!'
Sabra's "Thoughtful People" -- a collaboration with the mysterious Anne Tenna -- was the runner up:
Dee wondered: no pot?
Tot Otto pondered: no weed?

Tenna, solo, took third place with the saga of "Jaded Nita"
Goddesses bored Nita, a Tinder-obsessed dog.
and also won the Long Category with this gendered musing:
Nemo, what can a damsel do on a canoe? Leona canoodles, mad -- an act. Ah, women!

Martin Clear, recently crowned as World Palindrome Champion, took both 2nd and 3rd place in the Long category, with an epic 357-word list of Santa's lingerie gifts and this declaration (respectively):

Name remade, reborn!
I, delivered, am made reborn.
I again am a dog, a god, a man.
I again, robe red, am made reviled.
In robe red, a mere man.

Clear also topped the Poetry category, topping two longer efforts by Mike Maguire with his poem "Orca:"

Across a moat
Still it swam
Still I fed it
Wolf of low tide
Fill its maw
Still its tao mass:


And finally, in the Word by Word category, Professor John Connett prevailed with this thoughtful line:
Human being, of fearful nature - fearful of being human.

The Wike/Agee cartoon was the clear favorite for the grand prize; Clear's Orca poem and Agee's Koala panel cartoon tied for second.

Every year, the SymmyS Awards recognize the best new palindromes in several categories. They are the Oscars of palindromy. The 2017 (5th) SymmyS were announced on Palindrome Day, 7/10/2017.

The SymmyS are organized by The Palindromist Magazine, the world's greatest palindrome zine since 1996. Issue #8, Competitions, is out now.