4th Annual SymmyS Full Results

Grand Prize Winners

First Place: JFK Talking Tough, by Jeff Grant (23 points)

(A buck cat, tall)
“I will act now.
I won’t call.
I will attack Cuba."

Second Place: Tribute to a Fashion Idol, by Jon Agee (19 points)

No one made killer apparel like Dame Noon.

Third Place: West Angola, by Jon Agee (18 points)

Spacy Mr. Owen, in West Angola, saw old Nadia, my poor droopy maid, and low-as-a-log Nat,
sew nine wormy caps.

Other Grand Prize vote-getters:

De Sade's Soliloquy, by Martin Clear (17 points)
Word Unit: Alphabet Palindrome, by Carl Lexicon (12 points)
Word Unit: Spring, by Anne Tenna (10 points)
"I murdered Rumi" by Anne Tenna (10 points)
Vegas Election, by Peter Sabra (10 points)
Wild West, by Lori Wike (9 points)
"Meek, ill, lewd - we'll like 'em," by Martin Clear (9 points)
Word Unit: Still Life, by Martin Clear (9 points)
Tim Must, by Martin Clear & Jon Agee (8 points)
Finally, He Speaks, by Peter Sabra (9 points)
Medical Care, by Jon Agee (8 points)
Wendell Doodled, by Jon Agee (8 points)
Amy met an oily man, by Jon Agee (7 points)
World's Filthiest Recipe, by Martin Clear (6 points)
Feel the Bern, by Anne Tenna (5 points)
Roses are Red, by Peter Sabra (3 points)

Short Palindromes

First Place: Tribute to a fashion icon (Jon Agee)

No one made killer apparel like Dame Noon.

Second Place: Palindromic Statue of Liberty poem (Martin Clear)

Meek, ill, lewd - we'll like 'em.

Third Place: If You Meet the Buddha On the Road (part 2) (Anne Tenna)

I murdered Rumi.


Well, duh (Peter Sabra)
Tin -- is it in a can? It is in it!

Wild West (Lori Wike)
No slots? I prod Nevada vendor, pistols on!

Taking the Cure (John Connett)
"Mash Tums," I beep, "I pee bismuth, Sam."

Unsaintly (John Connett)
A halo? I've none, Viola! Ha!

Paternity (Peter Sabra)
Deny baby? ... Ned!!

Mediterranean Diet (Peter Sabra)
Otto, sir, ate feta risotto.

Spicy Salsa (Martin Clear)
Do gym-hot asses salsa as lasses sat? Oh my god!

Medium Length Palindromes

First Place: The Wrong Order (John Connett)

Barclay ordered no pie, sir. Arise! I pondered royal crab.

Second Place: Vegas Election (Peter Sabra)

Roger, get over it! Taxes, now, on sex attire! Vote Gregor!

Third Place: Someone I don't want in my chemisty lab (Martin Clear)

"Won't I burn acid?" I call, "It's still acid ... I can rub it now."


Finally, He Speaks (Peter Sabra)
"Lo-ord! I sit, ode, nip." (Otis is a dog. Sit, Otis!) "God, as I sit," opined Otis, "I drool!"

Eye witness (Peter Sabra)
"Hannah was set up!"
Sid disputes. Saw Hannah.

Increasingly confused candidate (Carl Lexicon)
Liar, trollop! Warning: I err, reign in raw poll! (Or trail!)

Medical care? (Jon Agee)
Dr. Gong! Get ale to my motel – at Egg-nog Rd!

True Believer (Carl Lexicon)
Analyst, I dream goddesses, bona fide tales of UFOs! Elated, I fan obsessed dogma! Er...ditsy, Lana?

Feel the Bern (Anne Tenna)
Flowery, pale Bernie "LaLa" Sanders is red, nasal. Ale in rebel? A pyre wolf!

Fall of the Roman Empire (Carl Lexicon)
Damp mildew, angelic odes: O Rome, morose, docile, gnawed limp, mad!

Long Palindromes

First Place: The things you see in West Angola! (Jon Agee)

Spacy Mr. Owen, in West Angola, saw old Nadia, my poor droopy maid, and low-as-a-log Nat,
sew nine wormy caps.

2nd Place: JFK Talking Tough (Jeff Grant)

(A buck cat, tall)
“I will act now.
I won’t call.
I will attack Cuba."

Third Place: De Sade's Soliloquy (Martin Clear)

Torturer, if 'tis I, deliver evil! I lived as acid. I cane men - a slap! - pain, eh? Wet; a fetish self-
defiler idyll: a rut antonym devil-flesh tribe rots it. Ah, what love rises saltier? Oh, whose life,
defiled under a base vile mat, eh?
Two bleed as editors say, "A sign it rots." I defile both! "Sadism's a groan I gave. To note vagina
orgasms, I dash to be life-distorting"? I say, "Ass rot!" I, de Sade, elbow the tame lives a bared
nude life defiles. Oh, whore it, lasses I revolt!
Ah, what is to rebirth, self-lived, my not-naturally dire-lifed flesh-site fate when I appal sane men
(acidic as a devil, I live reviled)? Is it fire? Rut? Rot?


Son of a Preacher Man (Lori Wike)
Elope on a canoe? Sons bury no prelapsarian Eden air as paler pony rubs nose on a canoe pole.

Beauty contestant drama (Carl Lexicon)
"Meg--at Art's party--nailed *MY* gig!! (Or I peed.) Oh, a diss I'm on! Sara, it was revenge! Meg never saw tiaras...no Miss Idaho! Dee, pirogi--gym deli? Any trap, stratagem?"

Cafe Life (Carl Lexicon)
"Ava, jazz I peruse."
"Both Sid, Eviana saw the edamame Ma made, eh?"
"'Twas a naive dish, to be sure."
"Pizza, java?"

Dialogue from The Oboe Thief (Jon Agee)
"Odd or even?"
"Row one! Take oboe, Kate! Now or never!"
"Odd! OK, sir!"

First Date (Martin Clear)
Pinafored, named as alright, a poet - some open intifada hobo - had a fit nine-poem osteopath girl as a demander of a nip.

PITS TIP (Curtis Williams)
Armpit odor eh?
Stifles eh?
Too bad.
At times, pan some nosh.
"And I do!"
"Oy! Wonky-ass Mr. A – yams!"
Tis a noose, pirate, knits a loop.
RE: Gawd, Nemo ordered rot!
SUBJ: Ode to Irregular-ness
Am new on ogling older loot symbols,
But nips are not ever.
"O, mad am I! Help!"
[Parent rapes nest egg]
Get sense, partner…Apple him!
"Adam? or Eve?"
Toner asp in tub, slob.
"My stool = red log."
Nil. Go now, en masse.
"NRA luger rioted O.J. bust,
Ordered room: “End wager pool!”
A stink ETA?
“Ripe soon as it’s May”, arms say
Know you Nemo did?
So Nemo snaps emit…tada!
Boo the Self, its hero.
Do tip.
- Mr. A

The Worst 12 Days of Xmas (Lori Wike)

Sir, bed Parrot, Partridge, Leg-dirt Raptors, Droll Ladies rap, tacet: a design,
I sedate Cat, dare Piper ere Drummer, ah!
Our Hens tend no Maid, Bird rib,
Swan gnaws weak Dove so deep,
Panini, Geese, whoopee!
Dose vodka, ew! Swan gnaws Bird rib,
Diamond nets Nehru,
O Harem murder, ere Piper ad, tacet: a design,
I sedate Cat, parse id, all Lords rot, Partridge leg dirt,

Visual Palindromes

(see attached)

First Place: Tim Must (Martin Clear and Jon Agee)

Second Place: Topsydale (Jon Agee)

Third Place: Palindromist In Search Of A Simile (Jon Agee)


Amy Met An Oily Man (Jon Agee)

Don Corleone Accuses (Lori Wike)

Here Hot Nurses (Jon Agee)

Lost It (Don Cagey)

Rona, Ed & Em (Martin Clear)

Jar of Jam (Jon Agee)

Wendell Doodled (Jon Agee)

Word-Unit Palindromes

First Place: Still Life (Martin Clear)

Can it still be life if life be still? It can!

Second Place: Gothic (Martin Clear)

Wind the only clock. Alarm the silence that in brooding menace sets ... what? What sets
menace brooding in that silence? The alarm clock? Only the wind.

Tie for Third Place: Marketing (Peter Sabra)

"Sex sells" -- Madison Avenue.
In avenue, Madison sells sex.

Tie for Third Place: Legal briefs (Carl Lexicon)

"Present your open and shut cases, earning your keep, meagerly paid interns. I say, 'There,
there.' Say I, 'Interns--paid meagerly--keep your earning cases shut and open your present.'"


TV irony (John Falcone)
Everyone knows it: “When all watch, you have it!”
Does it have you watch all when it knows everyone?

Alphabet Palindrome (Carl Lexicon)
"All babies cry, depart ebulliently, fathers glowing. Hospitals (in jargon) 'kill labor,' merciless,
numbing offensive pain, quieting riotous suffering, the unstressing ventilations well xeroxed.
Yowls zag, yowls xeroxed well, ventilations unstressing (the suffering riotous), quieting pain.
Offensive, numbing, merciless labor-kill jargon in hospitals: 'glowing.' Fathers ebulliently depart,
cry-babies, all."

Who's the Chicken Now? (John Connett)
Out, chickens! Rooster, facing one tiger, runs away - and away runs tiger - one, facing rooster,
chickens out!

Spring (Anne Tenna)
Flowers love water. Women love chocolate. Men, chocolate, love, women, water.... Love flowers.

Archaeology gets personal (Carl Lexicon)
Were it as late as you claim, we would find a quite lighter lamp oil used, a marked rarity in
greater antiquity! No antiquity greater in rarity marked a used oil lamp lighter “quite a find!”
Would we claim YOU as “late,” as it were?


First Place: We Freer Few (Martin Clear)

We few, we few, we freer few
We nag nine ponies, net nine too!
Zanier after cesspool - pooh!
A hoop loops secret fare in a zoo
Ten intense in opening anew
We freer few, we few, we few.

Second Place: Roses are Red (Peter Sabra)

Red roses are red roses.
On, to hot noses!
Order erases order.

Third Place: Homage to Berlioz’s “Symphonie Fantastique” (movement IV) (John

Noon. Tall, I emote soon
A tuba, Ed, in a tune:
"Be me! Be nut!"
An idea but-
A noose to me... ill at noon.


What Dreams May Come? (Martin Clear)

He peels, all a-fret, sister ...
Animal I assay amid a most ego-tossed ire, he rams selfless I.
He, both sure yet - oh! - animal again ...
I, a gal, am in a hot-eye rush to be his selfless mare he rides.
So to get so mad, I may assail a minaret ...
Sister, fall asleep, eh?

Palimerick nº 2 (John Falcone)

I lampoon small, able Bali
Laid a track, ran at rally!
Din? All an idyll
Art? An ark-cart, a dial
I label ball (am snoop)... Mali!

Gateman Palimerick (John Connett)

Gateman, nine moths I rag -
Anita, no! Nurses sag.
Nips, Otto! Spin!
Gasses run, on a tin
A garish 'T' omen in nametag.

Doggerel in Iambic Pentameter (Nick Montfort)

Nose son! O laminar animal, O! Tame mat.
Now Mom sees Sis -- Mom sees Sis won. Tap, pat;
Tap, pat. Now Sis sees Mom -- Sis sees Mom won.
Tame mat. O laminar animal! O, nose son!

Palimerick nº 5 (John Falcone)

Marine Mona dams a dam
Names! (I was in a jam)
Momma, Jan:
Is a wise man
Mad as mad? An omen I ram!

Palimerick nº 8 (John Falcone)

Dailies or press elongate mad
Homer (aha!), one man; a tad
Data name? No
A harem? Oh!
Dame, tag no lesser prose: Iliad.

Rebel Palimerick (Lori Wike)

"Despots are poxes, deli-fed.
Set ax if raw dirt upset a bed.
Poor troop debates
Putrid war fixates
Defiled sex opera stops Ed!"

Nasty Palindromes

First Place. Urgency (Michael "Shoehorn" Conley) (with exactly 69 points)

Now sore, too rigid, I harass Sarah - I dig, I root- Eros won.

Second Place. Therapy (Lori Wike)

Stressed? Nail a tired nudist! Neil lubes ebullient Sid under Italian desserts!

Third Place. The Morning After (Martin Clear)

Di catnaps; alcohol-led, robed in shame, tied under a red nude item. Ah, snide bordello ho, clasp antacid!


Hobbit porn (Peter Sabra)
Smut? Orcs' scrotums!

Favorite Hobbies (John Connett)
Nurses suck cock; cusses run.

Religion (Anne Tenna)
"Ai! Dildo = God." -- Lidia.

World's Filthiest Recipe (Martin Clear)
Much self-drawn (I warn women I rut) acne mess, ooze, goop, spooge, zoo's semen, cat urine, mown raw inward flesh, cum.

Old Fashioned GayDar (Ed Bennett)
He -- pansy -- a gay snap, eh?

School for scandal (Jeff Grant)
Pussy, ass - simple; hooty tits!
Ah, chastity too…
Help! Miss says “Sup!”