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What IS the Palindromist?
The Palindromist is the world's greatest palindrome magazine. Each issue contains articles, cartoons, puzzles, a contest, and dozens of new, original, high quality palindromes. We strongly encourage readers to create their own palindromes and submit them for future issues.

Issues are organized around themes; here is what the issues to date have included.

- Issue #8 will drop in June, 2011
- #7: Sports
- #6: The Literature Issue
- #5: The Kids Issue
- #4: Palindromic Poetry
- #3: Palindrome Books
- #2: Political Palindromes
- #1: Sotades the Obscene


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Issue #1:


-- Lots of new, original palindromes, including an excellent 51-word poem
-- (palindromic) Confessions of a Psycho Killer
-- Lead article:
Sotades the Obscene of Maronea (275 BC)
-- Palindrome puzzlers
-- Palindrome cartoons
-- Palindromes on the Internet
-- Who wrote the great palindromes?
-- Noggin, an obscure 1950s palindrome board game with great period graphics.

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Issue #2: Political Palindromes

-- 72 new, original palindromes!! -- Palindromes on Clinton, Dole, Gore, Kemp, & Perot.
-- Palindromes about America's past presidents (e.g. "O naughty me, tut! It's Bush - substitute, myth, guano." by Mark Saltveit.)
-- Worldwide palindromic leaders

Plus other articles:
-- Jon Agee cartoon centerfold
-- A great new palindromist: John Connett
-- New palindromes (e.g. "An era came: MACARENA!" by Fred Klein)
-- Palindrome cartoons and puzzles
-- Palindromes on the Internet.


- Issue #3 - Palindrome Books

-- A history of palindrome books; cartoons, wordplay potpourris, long palindromes, etc.
. . . (with bibliography and critical reviews)
-- The Greatest Palindrome Book Ever: "Palindromes and Anagrams" by Howard Bergerson.
. . . Information on the book and its reclusive author, excerpts, etc.
-- "I Love Me, vol. I" details, reviews and interview with author Michael Donner
-- Lots of new palindromes, puzzlers and cartoons
-- Redividers (aka charades): The forgotten variant
-- A New World's Record: longest word used in an intelligible palindrome
-- The Ultimate Palindrome Party
-- Centerfold of the Month: Bergerson's "Nita Lulu Meets the Father of Lies"



- Issue #4 - Palindromic Poetry

-- New, original and brilliant palindromic poetry
-- Sotadic Sapphics, by Howard Bergerson
-- The incredible "Ode to Evita"
-- New Palindromes
-- Charade (redivider) Words, by author Richard Lederer ("Anguished English,' etc.)
-- Palindromic Haiku
-- The Evita Challenge
-- Edgar Allen Poe's 1827 palindrome puzzle
-- an original Jon Agee cartoon and other cartoons
-- Cloning, Sheep and DNA Palindromes



- Issue #5 - The Kids Issue

-- Palindromes by, for and about kids and babies (and some cute baby pictures)
-- Reversible nursery rhymes
-- Calculator words
-- Mary's 4 Little Palindromic Lambs
-- Teaching with palindromes
-- Interview With the Palindromedary, by Richard Lederer
-- New Palindromes & New Redividers (ie manslaughter => man's laughter)
-- Palindrome games (poker, paper/rock/scissors)
-- The Jay Leno Challenge
-- Cartoons and puzzles



- Issue #6 - The Literature Issue

-- The Greats: Nabakov, Joyce, Fuentes
-- The Oddballs: Lewis Carroll, Edgar Allan Poe
-- "Edicide in Silopolis," new fiction by Michael Keith
-- Juvenile Novels: Why Paul Zindel Rules
-- The 7 Useless Arts of the Palindromist
-- New palindromes, cartoons and puzzles



- Issue #7 - The Sports Issue

-- Palindromes in baseball, basketball, tennis, etc.
-- Running Backwards; the new international craze
-- World Record Palindromes
-- Palindromic Movie Reviews
-- Stac O' Cats: short fiction by Richard Tangemann
-- Willard Espy: An Appreciation
-- Centerfold: an original John Agee cartoon
-- The best of Will Shortz' NPR Redivider Contest (Part 1)




- The New Prolific Palindromists
- Pop, Abba and other Rock N'Roll palindromes
- Palindromes of the Gods!




The Palindromist is published irregularly. There will be 10 issues in total.
Single issues, including back issues, cost $5 inside the US, US$7 overseas.


Send subscription requests, submissions or letters to:

The Palindromist Magazine
P.O. Box 10674
Portland, OR 97296




We love to get submissions of original palindromes, articles, letters, questions, requests for articles, palindrome cartoons, artwork, and palindrome puzzlers. If selected, you'll receive a free copy of your issue, and of course immortality as a published palindromist.


Either mail your submission to the address above, with an SASE if you want it back, or send us email.

Identify the author of palindromes where possible; if not, say where they were found. It is fine to quote someone else's work as long as you are clear about it. Please DON'T send us huge Internet lists of palindromes. We've seen 'em, we hate 'em. If you find a new one, just send us the URL or newsgroup; we'll find it.

If you have written a palindrome or redivider, please send it in! Don't worry about competing with "A man, a plan...". Do tell us any background or story connected with the palindrome, if there is one.


The Palindromist Online


You're soaking in it! The Palindromist is only available by mail. However, this web site has lots of general information on palindromes, including links to other palindrome pages and the Authors List of Great Palindromes, a selective list of the best palindromes which gives credit to the gifted palindromists who created them.



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