Palindromist #7 (Sports)

Palindromist #7

The "Sports" issue features new palindromes on baseball, basketball and tennis (that old sin net), world record palindromes, and the fad of running backwards.  Also, a great short story by Richard Tangeman ("Stac O' Cats") about a feline rental agency (they rent out cats, that is); an appreciation of the late wordsmith Willard Espy, part 1 of Will Shortz' Redivider Contest , a collaboration with The Palindromist magazine, reviews of two new books, short sotadic movie reviews ("' DEEP STAR SIX: Axis rats peed.") and a puzzler, both by Doug Fink,  and new palindromes and redividers. The centerfold is a new palindrome cartoon by Jon Agee featuring pitcher  "Oilcan" Boyd.