5th Annual SymmyS Winners

Short Palindrome Category

First place: Safari, by Peter "Twoply" Sabra (94 points)

Amy met a tiger -- "Greg, it ate my Ma!"

Second Place: Thoughtful people, by Peter "Twoply" Sabra and Anne Tenna (86.5 points)

Dee wondered: no pot?
Tot Otto pondered: no weed?

Third Place: Jaded Nita, by Anne Tenna (82 points)

Goddesses bored Nita, a Tinder-obsessed dog.

Long Palindrome Category

First place: Women! by Anne Tenna (83 points)

Nemo, what can a damsel do on a canoe? Leona canoodles, mad -- an act. Ah, women!

Second Place: Santa Goes Through His Christmas Lingerie List ... gotta find out who's naughty and nice, by Martin Clear (357 words, 80.5 points)

Latifah? Tramp. Usual cat nasties.
Ophelia? Two web-ordered robes or a racy psi-war belt.
Tilda? Batik corsage.
Val? As red dugs I wasted a call at, arrest no muumuu.
May? Get artsy; mix elan and art: maxi-slit pure vest - ah, the glam in!
Imogen? A Jim Acheson ... Italy's sash!
Tia? Fake material, cone cup parts on.
Anne is ... a G.
Natalie? Vanna? Nunatak-styled undies - oh!
Leah? Carlee? Fire tragic ammo - so bony. A Wonderbra.
Barb? E-cup. As we say, no sag loses a barbell in, eh?
Clare? Vest relaxes. Warmer, eh? Notion to get on to, of fleecing.
Nora? Sari.
Maria? Honi? Niki? Bra.
Erin, I may amp up on - Wonderbra! Grey metal up, it's an aider of a nipple. Hot!
Dian? Adelaide? No strap, 'red nude' tag, no leotard nastiness!
Ellie? Vana? Cost it; a gem: GI boots, boob tube.
Cinema gal Laila? E-cup.
Sam? A Japan idea ... kimonos!
Di? Girdle. Held right, I decide.
Mara? Pair of roll-up nets aft.
Celeste's rococo ... corset! Select, fasten, pull - or for I, a paramedic!
Edith? Girdle held rigid, so ... no.
Mika? Edina? Pajamas - puce.
Ali? All a game! Nice, but boobs too big: mega-tit! So ... can a veil lessen it?
Sandra? To elongated underparts, one dialed an aid to help. Pinafore!
Diana? Stipulate my ... er ... garb red now - no pup!
Maya? Mini-rear bikini - no hair!
Amira? Sarong. Nice. Elf footnote - got no IT on her.
Em? Raw sex alert! Several chenille bra-bases.
Olga? Sonya sews a puce bra. Bar-bred? No way - no bosom.
Maci? Garter, I feel.
Rachael? Hose I'd nudely 'tsk' at.
A nun, Ann? A veil, a tanga.
Sienna? No strap ... puce, no?
Claire? Tameka? Faith? Sassy Latinos, eh? Cami.
Jane? Go minimal G, eh - that's ever up 'til six a.m.!
Trad Nana Lexi? My strategy - a muumuu.
Montserrat? All a cadet saw is G-udders a la Vegas - rock it! A bad little bra - wispy.
Cara? Rose-bordered robe. Wow! Tail, eh? Pose it; Santa Claus up!
Martha? Fit! A lei.
Reg? Nil.

Third Place: Rebirth, by Martin Clear (78.5 points)

Name remade, reborn!
I, delivered, am made reborn.
I again am a dog, a god, a man.
I again, robe red, am made reviled.
In robe red, a mere man.

Word by Word Palindrome Category

First place: Untitled, by John Connett (79 points)

Human being, of fearful nature - fearful of being human.

Second place: A teacher's unbounded hope, by Carl Guy La Fortune (76 points)

If what I say truly inspires, truly say I: "What if...?"

Third place: Many Worlds (Palindrome-Sonnet), by Anthony Etherin (75 points)

How, but by passing, are we ever free?
Now, pieces in time see adrift designs;
word by word, spatial fractures are decrees;
earths open and prepare to splinter signs.

Absurd, the promise we maintain we break
births nothing, but all motion we express.
Profess to me—will moments life not make?
(‘Make not life,’ moments will me to profess….)

Express, we motion all but nothing births.
‘Break!’ we maintain. We promise the absurd.
Signs splinter to prepare and open earths:
decrees are fractures, spatial, word by word….

Designs adrift see time in pieces, now.
Free ever, we are passing by—but how?

Poetry Category

First place: Orca, by Martin Clear (91 points)

Across a moat
Still it swam
Still I fed it

Wolf of low tide
Fill its maw
Still its tao mass:


Second place: Tragic Love, by Mike Maguire (73 points)

>To her I fall,
as I, torn in a mania, pall.

It's never ever of evil I'll imitate.
Gin is atilt: I tap, sit safe late.

Now one tale fast I spat.
It lit a sin I get at.

I'm ill.
I live forever even still.

A pain - a man in rot.
Is all a fire hot?

Third place: Art Criticism, by Mike Maguire (69 points)

Night flew
to dig Olympus gold.

We let a desire volcano erupt.

Raw, old, astral a rut.
And I? Put stray?
No betrayal can.

I saw ore
held in a fossil bone.

Fill a coffin.

Ignore gnome radio -
devils revolt solo.

"Devil" is a drowsy baby's word.

As I live,
do lost lovers live?

Do I dare monger on gin
if focal life I desire?

No bliss of an idle hero
was in a clay art.

Ebony art?

Natural art?

Low art?

On a clover,
I sedate lewd logs.

Up my log,
I do twelfth gin.

Visual Palindromes (e.g. cartoons)

G. Iron Maiden, words by Lori Wike & drawing by Jon Agee (82.5 points)

F. Koala, by Jon Agee (79.5 points)

B. Snipped, The Movie, by Jon Agee (77 points)