5th Annual SymmyS Cartoon Nominees

Every year, the SymmyS Awards recognize the best new palindromes in several categories. They are the Oscars of palindromy. The 2017 (5th) SymmyS were announced on Palindrome Day, 7/10/2017.

Here are the Visual Palindromes nominees. The winners were G. (Iron Maiden), followed by F. (Koala) and B. (Snipped, The Movie). All were drawn by Jon Agee; he wrote the palindromes for Koala and Snipped, while Lori Wike penned the winner.

Visual Palindromes

A. Ginnight

B. Snipped, The Movie

C. Bernie's Chagrin

D. Drag Racy

E. Vixen Ozone, The Movie

F. Koala

G. Iron Maiden

H. Live Music

I. Vinyl Tragedy

J. El Titanic - the Movie