5th Annual SymmyS Recap

A cartoon collaboration won the Grand Prize in the 5th annual SymmyS Awards for outstanding palindrome achievement. Lori Wike's palindrome would have been a strong contender in the short category even without Jon Agee's deft cartoon:
"Ned, I am no rigid Imam. I dig Iron Maiden."

Peter "Twoply" Sabra had 7 nominations, taking both first and second place in the Short category. His winner described a tragic "Safari":
Amy met a tiger -- 'Greg, it ate my Ma!'
Sabra's "Thoughtful People" -- a collaboration with the mysterious Anne Tenna -- was the runner up:
Dee wondered: no pot?
Tot Otto pondered: no weed?

Tenna, solo, took third place with the saga of "Jaded Nita"
Goddesses bored Nita, a Tinder-obsessed dog.
and also won the Long Category with this gendered musing:
Nemo, what can a damsel do on a canoe? Leona canoodles, mad -- an act. Ah, women!

Martin Clear, recently crowned as World Palindrome Champion, took both 2nd and 3rd place in the Long category, with an epic 357-word list of Santa's lingerie gifts and this declaration (respectively):

Name remade, reborn!
I, delivered, am made reborn.
I again am a dog, a god, a man.
I again, robe red, am made reviled.
In robe red, a mere man.

Clear also topped the Poetry category, topping two longer efforts by Mike Maguire with his poem "Orca:"

Across a moat
Still it swam
Still I fed it
Wolf of low tide
Fill its maw
Still its tao mass:


And finally, in the Word by Word category, Professor John Connett prevailed with this thoughtful line:
Human being, of fearful nature - fearful of being human.

The Wike/Agee cartoon was the clear favorite for the grand prize; Clear's Orca poem and Agee's Koala panel cartoon tied for second.