Paul Ryan and Kim Jong Il

The recent controversy over VP candidate Paul Ryan and his claim to have run a marathon in less than 3 hours brings to mind another great politician-sportsman: the late dictator Kim Jong Il of North Korea. I'll explain (if you read more).

Kim bowled 300 in his first game. But more importantly, he shot history's most unbelievable round of golf ever in his very first outing: a 38-under-par 34 on the 18-hole, par 72 Pyongyang Golf Club course. That included 5 holes-in-one and nothing less than a birdie, which may have been a bit of beginner's luck, since North Korean media conceded that he average only 3-4 aces per round.

It might even have been hard to believe he did so well, except for the fact that his 17 armed bodyguards all vouched for his impressive tally. His amazing scorecard naturally inspired editor Mark Saltveit to write a new palindrome in Kim Jong Il's voice:


"Now I keep golf log. Peek! I won."