Land O'Goshen!

Nate Day is a 22-year old at Goshen College, a liberal arts university affiliated with the Mennonites.  He also writes a column for the school newspaper "Nate Day's Palindrome of the Week".  The palindromes are pretty good but are very specific to campus.  For example, he explains

"The Rot is the school cafeteria's nickname. Bob Rombach is the head chef. AVI Fresh is the company that has the foodservice contract."

At Rot:
Al: "Now is prep. Push, Serf!”
I: "Vanity! Ms. Deen is no Rombach.”
Cab morons: "I needs my tin AVI Fresh supper! P.S., I won la torta.”

"KMY refers to the campus dorms, which are named Kratz, Miller, and Yoder. Bruce is a ubiquitous security guard who is lovable, but a bit odd. U of I is university of Indiana."

Ya! KMY trap: if outage begat love-curb'd dorms, Mr. Odd Bruce, voltage begat U of I party, M'kay?