Half-Palindromic Word Puzzle

Below are answers to the Palindromic Puzzle from Will Shortz' Wonderful World of Words. There may be other answers that work, too; anything that forms a complete sentence using the original word, with some or all of its letters added again at the beginning or end to form a complete palindromic sentence is a valid answer.

Krill irk.
Emerita tire me.
Malcontent, net no clam!
Nair a gnu, Hungarian.
Acrobats stab orca.
Snot or protons?
Della called.
Gazelle, zag.
Warhol? Oh, raw!
Hawaii? Aw. Ah!
"No," I tut, "it's no constitution."
Emote to me.
Nag a pagan.
Stardom? O, drats.
No, it - a Red -- is no consideration
Onyxes - sexy? No.
Eponymy? Nope.
Draw eel leeward.
Lambs BM, Al.
Spandex? Ed naps.