Fans love "The Tao of Chip Kelly!"

Reviews: media coaches fans

"My husband Rich is so happy and started reading the book before I could finish sending you the email telling you that I had received your book. We love the book -- it's a very good and fast read." -- Carole M.

"Great book. I have to say as a life time Eagles fan I am really excited to have Chip Kelly as the coach. You've highlighted and expanded on so many of the things I've noticed after cramming my brain full of every piece of writing and data I could find when they hired him. I think he's a perfect fit for Philly and I have been telling everyone to get on the band wagon now before the success comes." -- Jeremy L.

"Great read that is so current it uses quotes from May. With everything new coming to the Eagles this year, this book gives you insight into Chip as coach and program builder. I feel like I really understand what Chip is trying to do and am so much more excited for smash mouth football!!!" -- Geoffrey Wright

Who knew that engineers could ever benefit from football? Though you couldn't pay me to sit through a game of football, I couldn't put this book down. The Taoist methods of Chip Kelly that brought his teams to glory are ones from which all managers and leaders can benefit. Quoting the Tao to the engineering teams I manage would put them to sleep, but having football analogies helps to get their buy-in and clearly drive points home. For instance, "You teach to the fastest learner, and everyone else has to catch up": all of us in high tech know that one by heart or we will die from not knowing it. Thanks Mark Saltveit, for revealing Chip's secrets and for helping us to be better leaders. -- Wallace S.

"As not only a Tai Chi/internal arts student but also a New Hampshire native (and fellow UNH alum) now living in Philadelphia Eagles country, I couldn't not read this book. Thank you Mr. Saltveit for an interesting combination of Taoism, football, film references, and sharing Chip Kelly's particular New Hampshire brand of humor. Fans of both Taoism, martial arts, Eastern philosophy, Oregon sporting history (yay, Prefontaine mention!)and beleaguered Eagles watchers awaiting a turnaround will each get something out of this book." -- Kathleen Rice

"A quick, fun, insightful, well researched, and first of its kind read about Chip Kelly that has me eager for the season to start. (Couldn't bear to watch last year.) It will be fascinating to see whether Chip's success with the Oregon Ducks, will materialize into another trip to the Super Bowl for the Eagles. (Patience, I know: Keep watering the bamboo.) Oregon native, Mark Salveit makes a compelling argument on how the well grounded New England born Kelly has made his principles the key ingredients to both winning the game and succeeding in business." -- "Love my Akita"

"I heard him on WIP this morning, a great listen. The podcast is available, I'm sure. What's funny is the guy is a stand up comedian, but when he gets talking about Kelly and football, he sounds like a pure analyst. He's really in-tune with the way Kelly operates, great insight. I'd read or listen to whatever this guy has. " -- "Belmont Shores," on the PhilaPhans discussion board

"Just finished the book. Excellent work, I couldn't put it down!" -- Francis F.