4th Annual SymmyS Contestants

Martin Clear, of Sydney, Australia, is a computer programmer and prolific palindromist. He was a finalist at the Will Shortz’ 2012 World Palindrome Championships in New York City, and collected 6 SymmyS in the competition's first three years.

Jon Agee is a popular writer and illustrator of children’s books and wordplay books, cartoonist for The New Yorker, and National Book Award nominee. He is the author of 4 palindrome books including “Sit on a Potato Pan, Otis!” and “Go Hang A Salami, I’m a Lasagna Hog.” He placed third at the 2012 World Palindrome Championships in Brooklyn, New York.

John Connett is a Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Minnesota. He placed second at the 2012 World Palindrome Championships in Brooklyn, New York, edged 169-165 by winner Mark Saltveit.

Nick Montfort is an Associate Professor of Digital Media at MIT. He was a finalist at the 2012 World Palindrome Championships in Brooklyn, New York.

Lori Wike One of the breakout stars of the 2012 SymmyS Awards, Lori Wike can most often be found playing principal bassoon with the Utah Symphony, and teaching at the University of Utah and Westminster College, and walking Sunny, the world's most amazing greyhound. She spends her non-palindromic spare time time making hula hoops, balloon animals and martinis, as well as attempting all the outdoorsy things that people who live in Utah tend to do.

John Falcone is another once-proud classical musician dragged into this mess by Lori Wike.

Peter Sabra aka "Twoply", was bitten by the palindrome "bug" at a tender age, when he found out that "Lepers repel." He was the Grand Prize Winner at the 3rd Annual Symmys, and won an YmmY at the 2nd SymmyS.

Carl Lexicon -- known among mortals as Carl Guy La Fortune -- is another regular contributor to The Palindromist Magazine's New Palindromes forum. He was nominated for four SymmyS at the 3rd annual awards.

Jeff Grant of New Zealand is a long-standing palindromist who has written many articles for Word Ways Magazine over the years.

Michael "Shoehorn" Conley is a musician based in Portland, Oregon. He tap dances and plays the saxophone -- at the same time, and often in the company of the legendary Baby Gramps, who sparked his interest in palindromy.

Curtis Williams entered the competition via The Palindromist's website. To be honest, we don't know a lot about hm.

Ed Bennett, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a retired Marine and a retired banker..

The palindromists known as Don Cagey and Anne Tenna remain mysterious.