Will Shortz presents ... the first annual World Palindrome Championship

March 16, 2012
Brooklyn, New York
New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge

7 Competitors, with 75 minutes each to create one or more palindromes on a subject Will announces.
The winner will be chosen by audience vote, and enjoy eternal fame and splendor (plus 500 bucks).

UPDATE:  Click here for the FINAL RESULTS.

Jon Agee
"Go Hang a Salami, I'm a Lasagna Hog"
Best-selling cartoonist and author
San Francisco, California
picture of Jon Agee
John Connett
"Nella's bosom, Signor - it's a cast-iron gismo!" sobs Allen.
Professor of Biostatistics, University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
picture of Connett
Mark Saltveit (WINNER!)
"Snub dumbo Bob (mud buns)."
Standup comedian and editor, The Palindromist Magazine
Portland, Oregon
Picture of Saltveit
Nick Montfort
2002: A Palindrome Story
Professor of Digital Media, MIT
Boston, Massachusetts
picture of Nick Montfort
Martin Clear
" 'Go Jews!' Aaron says, sassy as Nora as we jog."
Software analyst/developer & palindromist
Sydney, Australia
Picture of Clear
Barry Duncan
" Red? I won't. No! Wider."
Ex-Harvard University Book Store
Somerville, Massachusetts
Picture of Duncan
Douglas Fink
" Lisa Bonet ate no basil."
Crossword Puzzle Constructor
Picture of Doug Fink

Plus one competitor selected from the audience, based on a palindrome they create that day. (It turned out to be Doug Fink)
Tickets are $80.  Links:   Info       Register (sign up for Friday, games only)