2013 Judges

- Will Shortz NPR’s Puzzle Master and the New York Times’ Crossword Editor

- MC Paul Barman is an MC (meaning 'rapper') and language innovator. In 2002, he peppered his LP "Paullelujah" with palindromes including the shout-out, "Eve / Mika, RZA, Evil JD, Nasir *is* Osiris and J-Live, AZ, Rakim / Cormega, Cage, Mr. OC / I'm anomie I, mon ami / Plato got a LP." He plays the Fauxchella Festival in Hamden, CT on Saturday May 3rd. Follow him on Twitter at @mcpb. Learn more at www.rhymingresume.com

- Ben Zimmer, executive producer of VisualThesaurus.com and Vocabulary.com, language columnist for The Wall Street Journal

- David Allen Cress is a founding partner of Food Chain Films, and has been the producer of the TV show Portlandia since its pilot episode. He has produced many award-winning feature films, documentary shorts, TV commercials and music videos, including Gus Van Sant’s 2008 Paranoid Park (special jury prize at Cannes Film Festival), an MTV Public Service announcement (Clio Award, The One Show Award), and the Dandy Warhol’s video “Bohemian Like You” (music video of the year at the SXSW Music Festival).

- Mark Saltveit, editor of The Palindromist Magazine and author of "The Tao of Chip Kelly"

- Tim Van Ert (aka Timi Imit) of the biggest palindrome website, MockOK.com

-- Jeff Grant, legendary New Zealand palindromist (Word Ways magazine).