SymmyS Awards - 2012 Winners

Short palindromes

1. Igloo dialogue, by Jon Agee

An igloo costs a lot, Ed!
Amen. One made to last! So cool, Gina!

2. untitled, by Martin Clear

I made Rihanna hirsute, familiar, frail: I'm a fetus Rihanna hired, am I?

3. A slightly violent to-do list, by Jon Agee

Tape Roger.
Go "Bang!"
Get Cello.
Collect egg.
Nab Ogre.
Gore Pat.

Word Unit Palindromes

1. untitled, by Aric Maddux

You swallow pills for anxious days and nights,
and days, anxious for pills, swallow you.

2. untitled, by John Connett

Fishing for excuses? No need. You need no excuses for fishing.

3. untitled, by John Connett

Prick your finger? Mother your goose? No, Sir, No!
Goose your mother, finger your prick!


1. (tie) Internal Terrorism, by Anne Tenna

Doom? Reward?
A maniac ire made target.
Ah, a mix -- a mania, terror on Ohio.
I honor or retain a maxim:
"A hate grated America in a mad, rawer mood."

1. (tie) Pure Veener From an Enemy, a sonnet by Martin Clear

“Ten nosy men, enamor-free, never upstir
Even satin opuses”, says some gal
Lips parted inside dire droops: award to her
USA’s award: nuts, goddess, I know I shall!
A wisp of UFO warding is all it sees
Zones I rate got some medic I used on mode
Robots sap some memos and see bees
DNA some memos pass to boredom node.
Suicide memos to get a risen Oz
See, still a sign I draw of UFO psi
Wallahs I won kissed dogs; tundra was
A sure hot draw as poor derided I.
Snide traps pillage mossy asses upon it
As never its “pure veneer from an enemy” sonnet.

3. Moth Ash, by Steven Fraser

Too sere moths
– Ah! To meld –
Arcing in ebony.
A sign?

I wish to melt
Till – little moths –
I wing.

I say ‘No!’
Benign, I cradle moth ash to
Mere soot.

Long Palindromes

1. Eric and Traci discuss the morality of watching cross-dressers, by Martin Clear

"Traci, to regard nine men in drag," Eric (in a play or an ironic art spot) warned, "I am not so bad."
"I'd never even seen knees ... never even did a Boston maiden raw," tops Traci, "nor in a royal panic. I regard nine men in drag - erotic art."

2. Palindromic Conversation Between Annoying Little Kid and Dismissive Father Who Is Trying To Read A Newspaper, by Martin Clear

Start now, eh?
A war of eponymy?
Never even a plus?
Can a Celt sop an anaconda, Dad?
Can an apostle can a consul, Pa?
Even eponymy?
For a war, even?
He won't.

3. SUPER BOWL XLVI, by Barry Duncan

We now open: “O say” as is. So belt it now, hon, or if one more? Her! A rare KC. (I know.)
Had NE revenge, Bill, or no? W? On top? Same?
To get a flag: Ellis. Tip it! Won’t Osi? One to NY. (Name it now.) NE position: on one.
Curt et al? Aces all. It’s on! Turn a FOX on.
War day, eh? Din. Oh, sure. Now, as if it’s a Feb. 5 SB. Tame?!
Set. Is opposition we felt? It’s so. Two: NY v. NE.
(No risk, nor gain.)
I. Red. Now. Hut! I note: Ball up. No! Wide! Rah!
Seen Kraft (On), Mara (foot), ST (is a hero).
Tom era: W, an ad. Still? Or met Eli?
Madonna fan? Nod. Am I!
Let ‘em roll. It’s Dan (a Ware). Motor, eh?
As it’s too far? Am not far. Knee.
Shared? I won? Pull. A bet on it? Uh, wonderin’ –
I a Gronk, sir. On! Envy?
Now toss. Title? Few. No, it is opposites: EM, a TB’s 5.
Be fast! If I saw one rush on, I’d –
Hey, a draw! (No XO, fan.) Rut? No, still a sec.
A late truce? No, no, no! It is open. Won? Tie? Many note, no? Is OT now.
Tip? It’s illegal. (Fate got ‘em.) A spot. Now on roll.
(I beg: Never end.)
Ah! Won! Kicker a rare hero. Men of iron (oh!) won title, boss. I say: as one. Pow! One W.