SymmyS Awards - 2012 Contestants

Ray Stein (with ball)
Contestant Lori Wike, bassoonist
Aric Maddux
Martin Clear
Jon Agee
John Connett
Barry Duncan

Aric Maddux lives in Indianapolis Indiana. His poetry has been published in the anthology, Reckless Writing (Chatter House Press; Indianapolis) 2012, but this is the first palindrome he ever wrote. Aric saw some word-unit palindromes tweeted by contestant Nick Montfort, a professor at M.I.T., and responded with this masterpiece. Montfort quickly nominated it for an Ymmy, then lost to it in the finals.

Martin Clear, of Sydney, Australia, is a computer programmer and prolific palindromist. He was a finalist at the Will Shortz’ 2012 World Palindrome Championships in New York City.

Jon Agee is a popular writer and illustrator of children’s books and wordplay books, cartoonist for The New Yorker, and National Book Award nominee. He is the author of 4 palindrome books including “Sit on a Potato Pan, Otis!” and “Go Hang A Salami, I’m a Lasagna Hog.” He placed third at the 2012 World Palindrome Championships in Brooklyn, New York.

Dave Morice is a longtime poetry popularizer/activist. He is author/illustrator of Poetry Comics, More Poetry Comics, and The Dictionary of Wordplay, among many other books.

John Connett is a Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Minnesota. He placed second at the 2012 World Palindrome Championships in Brooklyn, New York, edged 169-165 by winner Mark Saltveit.


Nick Montfort is an Associate Professor of Digital Media at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has written poetry and interactive fiction as well as the book length palindrome “2002: A Palindrome Story” (with William Gillespie).  He placed fourth at the 2012 World Palindrome Championships in Brooklyn, New York.


Lori Wike A newcomer to the palindrome-writing world, Lori Wike can most often be found playing principal bassoon with the Utah Symphony, and teaching at the University of Utah and Westminster College, and walking Sunny, the world's most amazing greyhound. She spends her non-palindromic spare time time making hula hoops, balloon animals and martinis, as well as attempting all the outdoorsy things that people who live in Utah tend to do.


Ray Stein is a retired engineer and math teacher who lives in Mead Washington.  A college asketball star and Academic All-American in 1968, he continues to play on a 65+ team that won 2 Gold medals in the last 3 years at the Huntsman World Senior Games.  He continues to chop and split 7 cords of wood a year.

Stein began writing palindromes 12 years ago, when his father was asked to spell SCHOOL backwards (as a test for Alzheimer’s Disease) and could not.  He has written 8 palindromes of exactly 100 words, but never published any until he discovered The Palindromist Magazine.

Steven Fraser runs the blog "" in the United Kingdom.

James Adrian posts his palindromes at The Palindromist under the name "Adders."

Anne Tenna is a direct descendant of Edwin Fitzpatrick, the Victorian master palindromist discussed in Howard Bergerson's book "Palindromes and Anagrams," as well as a second cousin of prolific palindromist Nora Baron.

Barry Duncan was described by The Believer Magazine as "possibly the world's first master palindromist. Filmmaker Michael Rossi is finishing a documentary about him called "Master Palindromist." Duncan published palindromes regularly at the website for the radio program "Here and Now."